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With US Tax Season in Full Swing, Income Realty Advisors Offers Advice to Florida's High Net Worth Investors

Location Makes a Difference to the Bottom Line at Tax Time

A moderate climate may be a big reason some relocate to the Sunshine State—but for high net worth clients of Florida's Income Realty Advisors, there may an even more compelling reason: Florida has no personal state income tax.


Florida Commercial Real Estate Expert Patrick Moorton Offers 3 Smart Tax-Saving Tips to Investors

The 2013 tax season is well underway and recent increases to U.S. tax rates have investors looking for viable, legal ways to reduce regular income and capital gains tax liability. 


New Florida Commercial Real Estate Firm Income Realty Advisors Inc. Offers Reliable, Long-Term Investments in the Midst of a Fluctuating Market

As record-low interest rates and high inflation prompt investors to look for new opportunities, Florida real estate industry veteran Patrick Moorton focuses on single-tenant net lease commercial properties in Florida and replacement property for 1031 exchanges as a safe, reliable investment alternative.