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About NNN Investments in Florida

There are many types of triple net (NNN) lease properties to choose from in Florida. Investors interested in buying a triple net lease property for a 1031 exchange can choose from NNN restaurants, NNN drug stores, NNN banks, and NNN convenience stores in Florida.

Types of NNN Properties in Florida

NNN Drug Stores and Restaurants

The most popular NNN drug stores in Florida are the NNN CVS stores and NNN Walgreens drug stores. Florida NNN restaurants include NNN Applebees restaurants, McDonald's NNN Ground Leases, NNN Taco Bell restaurants, NNN Burger King restaurants, NNN Wendy's restaurants, and NNN Chili's Bar & Grill Ground Leases.

NNN Convenience Stores

NNN Convenience stores in Florida popular with investors for 1031 exchanges are 7-Eleven, NNN Racetrac Petroleum stores, NNN WaWa Convenience stores, and NNN Circle K stores.   

Reliable Income Stream

Triple net lease investments in Florida can offer a reliable income stream guaranteed by a national credit worthy tenant. They have prime real estate as collateral for the loan and it is possible to get a triple net lease that is guaranteed by a billion dollar company. 

Purchasing a single tenant triple net leased property in Florida with a billion dollar national tenant with investment grade credit could allow you to earn money over 15 or 25 years with little or no management required by the owner. Florida NNN properties are very popular with triple net lease investors because there is no personal income tax in the State of Florida.

Cap Rates for triple net lease properties in Florida will vary depending on the credit worthiness of the tenant. Cap Rates are very competitive for single tenant net lease properties with investment grade tenants such as Walgreens, CVS, 7-Eleven, or Chase Bank. Cap Rates will typically be higher for triple net lease restaurant properties that are guaranteed by a franchisee rather than the corporate entity.